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About The Bombshell Manifesto 
Today's Christian woman is given hundreds of different messages each day about who she should be, what she should do, and how she should look and act. What's a girl to do?

To get out of overwhelm and confusion, we need to take it back to an absolute - the game-changing reality of the Gospel. 

Women are uniquely fitted to bring the Gospel into the world - God chose a woman to birth the Savior, and the first Gospel message was spread by a woman after Christ's resurrection. 

But when the female body is the target of so much misuse and so many lies, and the female identity always seems to be under critique or attack, how can we develop a clear game plan for living for God in a powerful way with the special female nature that He gave us?

We need a manifesto for women who want to carry the truth of the Word into cultures around the world - and into their own homes. A simple guidebook for discovering, cultivating, and living out the expression of a Biblical woman - which has always had incredible impact in the world, and which can carry the Bombshell of the Good News in an absolutely remarkable way. 

We need a Bombshell Manifesto. 

Join Jackie Dixon as she leads you through her personal wrestle with the various female identities presented to women today, and the development of the 12 Pillars of a Biblical Bombshell - a woman dedicated to carrying the Gospel into the world in a fiercely feminine way. 

From the often overlooked essentials of our relationship with God, to how we see and treat our bodies, beauty, and interactions with men, to sex and money and balancing tact and truth in a winsome way in acrimonious cultures, these are the twelve foundational areas of a woman's life that, when mastered, set her up to be a powerful witness to the world of the only truth that can ever set us free.

Ready, Bombshell?
"You can feel her fire for the Lord and her incredible grace, transparency and love"
WOW! What a GREAT GREAT GREAT Book! Jackie Dixon is amazing. You can feel her fire for the Lord and her incredible grace, transparency and love. I would recommend this to any female, especially a Christ Centered one. Jackie's book can transcend into bible studies, singles groups, married groups, women's groups and more! It's absolutely for the current generation to help us level up as woman. I am in complete agreement with her Biblical Bombshell manifesto - including loving God first and loving who we are and our bodies - sexuality and uplifting MEN!!! I don't hear that enough and was very impressed with Jackie's high esteem toward men, which I am a huge advocate for, because to really love and appreciate a man is love and appreciate who we are as a woman. Any women could benefit from this material and I think it will go far and wide. Jackie is outstanding. It's a very quick read, you can get through it in a few nights and she has downloads in the book to make the concepts of the 12 pillars easy to grasp. Very personal and intimate read.
"This is a great guide I will come back to time and time again for encouragement and courage to seek the life God called me to"
Thank you Jackie for sharing your heart and being honest, and even sometimes necessarily brutally honest. This book is for women of every age and stage of life and hits to the core issues of living a full and satisfying life. The 12 pillars of being a Biblical Bombshell cover as wide a spectrum as is covered by life, covered clearly and I look forward to diving into each one more! Jackie's words are biblically-based and can tell are shared from real-life experiences, as well as truly from her heart. This is a great guide that I will continue to come back to time and time again to find encouragement and courage to seek the life God has called me to live! I love Jackie's ministry and she has ministered to me through her blog, her Facebook page and now this book! You should definitely join in! Cheers to our continued godly and bold journey ahead!
"This book is a passion-packed, power vessel and a beautiful read. HIGHLY recommended!"
Jackie is an inspiration to women across the globe, as she inspires us to shine and grow into the fullness of who God created us to be. She encourages us to live in health, wholeness, beauty and freedom in all areas of our life, as we learn from her fresh ideas that are Biblically-grounded. I simply love the truth that we are hollistic creations (mind, spirit/soul and body). Jackie helps her readers to come into a life of balance and deep security through our identity in Christ, as we begin to live out our purposes powerfully. This book is a passion-packed, power vessel and a beautiful read. HIGHLY recommended!
 "THE handbook....this is what freedom feels like!"
I have been looking for a Biblically based approach that can help me with the insecurity & body image issues, and I'm proud to say I HAVE FOUND the handbook. Everything I ever wanted someone to coach me through--is ALL inside these pages. The tips on how to finally have confidence, a pure eating plan that actually works, and license to ENJOY MY LIFE....this is what freedom feels like! Thank you!!
"It's impossible to miss the truth of her message"
Jackie's passion for helping women become comfortable with their God-given sexuality is obvious on every page. She has a very clear, personable voice, and it's impossible to miss the truth of her message. The Bombshell Manifesto is a must-read for every Christian woman, and especially for anyone who has ever been unsure in her skin or uncomfortable with the way she was made.
"Truly opened my eyes to the picture of a woman drawn by God"
This was an amazing book that truly opened my eyes to the picture of a woman drawn by God. Jackie, thank you so much for answering the call that God put on your life and shining your light for all women to see so that we in turn can be lit up for God through you.
About the Author
Meet Your Bombshell Mentor
Jackie Dixon is the head of VLX, a media and coaching organization focused on delivering information about body, beauty and relationships to women around the world. Jackie is a model, writer, and women’s coach, and she frequently speaks at women’s conferences and young adult events. 

She has a passion for seeing young women flourish in the lifestyle of health and vitality they were made for, and a knack for handling these topics in a way that is both edgy and accessible. Jackie graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Johns Hopkins University – earning a dual degree in Scientific and Medical Writing, and French Literature. 

She holds her Masters degree in Communication, Culture and Technology from Georgetown University. She and her husband David, an active duty pilot in the military, and their daughter Juliette, are based in the Washington, DC area.
Who is The Bombshell Manifesto for?
Whether married or single, young or full of life experience, busy mom or fur mom, this is a call to action, healing, and freedom for all women looking for more, and wondering what God's fullest design and calling on their lives could be. THIS will tell you.
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